About Curly Horses

The most common question is; Where do the Curly horses originate from. That is still a question remained unanswered.There are many theories and visions and lots of ongoing research will hopefully get more information about this rare, beautiful and mysterious breed. American Bashkir Curly? where does that name come from. There are several articles written by registries and private Curly owners who did their own research.

Here are several links to read and learn more about this mysterious unique breed of horses.

ABCR American Bashkir Curly Horse Registry

ICHO International Curly Horse Organization 

Cowboy Show case

Curly Horse Country




Our breeding program includes a diversity of bloodlines including

Damele lines (our horses HCR Cinderella, CC Heartfire's Spark, Hidden Cave Santana, Hidden Cave Altair, Hidden Cave Longmire)

BLM feral Curly horses (our horsesHCR Passionate Black Layla, Hidden Cave LayAnn, Hidden Cave Caboose)

Native line Warrior/Berndt/Hammrick/NTS (our horses Warrior Freedom, Mallie Berndtie, Yuwipi)

Walker T gaited lines ( our horses Lydiker, Renegait Royal Talisman, Hidden Cave Janelle, Hidden Cave Davey)

Fredell Curly Line ( becoming very rare, our horses Yuwipi, HCR Dixie Beauty Belle, Hidden Cave Takeo and Hidden Cave Moose)






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